Frustrating Problems meet Frustrating Solutions

Have you ever found yourself struggling over a problem for a while, only to feel almost let down by the solution? For example, I've spent the »

Internet Radio

There are countless options for customizable internet radio, with heavy hitters such as Spotify or Pandora. All of them allow for creating stations based off of »

New Favicon?

So, I created a new account on Gmail because I've been using the same dumb confusing handle for years and finally gave in to the idea »

Good Enough

I often find myself reading mentions of new ideas in programming. These could be new constructs, patterns,or even tools for the programmer, e.g. some »

Where do you find motivation?

I always have had this dream of working on all sorts of side projects outside of work. These could either be personal tools and projects, or »

Moving to Ghost

As mentioned previously, I've migrated my blog to the Ghost Platform. It's a pretty nice blogging platform which puts a better focus on writing with a »