Internet Radio

There are countless options for customizable internet radio, with heavy hitters such as Spotify or Pandora. All of them allow for creating stations based off of genres, artists, albums, or songs. They also proclaim features such as the ability to learn your tastes from your feedback in order to tailor

New Favicon?

So, I created a new account on Gmail because I've been using the same dumb confusing handle for years and finally gave in to the idea that it should be a bit more understandable. Now I'm still logged into both accounts and they have different favicons. Weird.

Good Enough

I often find myself reading mentions of new ideas in programming. These could be new constructs, patterns,or even tools for the programmer, e.g. some new framework or database implementation. They come about pretty rapidly, and often when seeing a mention of one in my twitter feed, or wherever

Moving to Ghost

As mentioned previously, I've migrated my blog to the Ghost Platform. It's a pretty nice blogging platform which puts a better focus on writing with a beautiful editor backed by Markdown. It took a bit of work to get up and running on my server, though. Ghost is implemented in